Inspired by the ‘The Kiss’ by Klimt

‘a kiss from a rose’ by Seal


The Kiss

I am the kiss before you sleep,

that lingers the night long,

to be there at the first eyelid yawn

with soft pursed awakening.


I am the kiss of impulse,

bound in a servitude sought,

addicted by opioid chains of want,

a helpless supplicant.


I am the kiss without touch,

seeking union beyond flesh,

where sight and voice caress you

with song of true self reveal


I am the kiss of a fallen petal,

a rose scent aide-mémoire,

pressed within the pages of verse

that tell of two in love


15 thoughts on “THE KISS

  1. Haven’t heard that song in forever. Great song! A nice little rediscovery. And this poem, wow! I love it, Nige ! I’m forever in awe of your talent, the way I don’t just read your words but how they evoke emotions that rise from a place deep inside, and I’m fully immersed in every piece of it. The gentleness in this made me smile and moved me to tears. You, my dear friend, are a true poet.

    Liked by 1 person

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