A part of the whole

As martyred saviour defiant stood I upon a pulpit peak

and shouted of gauntlets thrown into pasture below

daring the wind to make me feel alive,

or tumble me from high perched arrogance,

so in death would I finally know life.

And the mighty north wind rose, screaming,

through the valley, it’s breath heavy with salt,

wet with conscripted mist.

Whipping angry lashes of icy air against me,

wrapping an invisible sinuous twine around

legs and arms.

And amongst the cauldron’s simmering grey

a brilliance appeared, briefly, and seemed to part

the land into light and dark.

A moment of revealed truths

when I knew I was part of the whole

I knew I was alive.

6 thoughts on “A PART OF THE WHOLE

  1. Incredibly gripping, Nige ! I like the personification of the wind, the daring it to make you feel alive. There’s much that’s bigger than we are. Seeking answers and the dawning realization of truths as they reveal themselves is just how we know we’re alive.

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  2. Excellent and clever piece of poetry Nigel. This is one of those poems that you have to sit with for a while and keep coming back to. It pulls you in and becomes more of an experience than a reading of poetry. The descriptions you use are powerful and I love the line about the North Wind “wet with conscripted mist.”

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