A seeker’s heart

She had a seeker’s heart.

Drawn by silent call from far away,

saying that my love only,

was enough to make her stay.

Though I held that card,

that card would I never play.

For I knew what she did not.

In truth that call would never cease,

and she would always be

looking for the flight of winter geese

and the ebbing tide

to take her from me in sweet release .



I too have a seeker’s heart.

Called by voices silent, deep in mind,

that lie behind many doors,

which I’m drawn to open and find,

that which awaits me within,

so I may see, before again rendered blind.

She could not travel on my path

nor I her seas, though the same we sought,

so seek still we must, yet alone,

for the something that us together brought

cannot quell the passion

that within we seekers has been wrought.

5 thoughts on “A SEEKER’S HEART

  1. One of my all time favorite Metallica songs. Another really strong piece, Nige. Beautiful and poignant. I’m pondering the ‘flight of winter geese’ and the different paths and the sea. Enjoyed this immensely!

    Liked by 1 person

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