from a great height,

I couldn’t say why

I had jumped,

given in to that pull

for I did not wish to die.


And as gravity did it’s thing

I heard my Songbird sing

and butterfly demands

bid me open my hands

to see if I was the one.


From somewhere dark

I heard a deep voice bark,

a raven,

whose name is death,

tell air to return my breath


Opening wings, revealed a licorice night sky

on which a thousand moth eye stars did lie

that then dropped,

one by one below

like a little spilt snow

from heavy winter clouds.


And I kissed a sleeping child’s tears

and saw our past and future years.


From a great height I felt a pull

and turned and walked away,

demanding of life another day.


15 thoughts on “FALLING

    1. Thank you Roland, your poetic intuition is as usual spot on, a verbatim narrative of one of the many dreams I endure courtesy of dopamine therapy. I do, however, use them with some small success to cope, always a silver lining .

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    1. It’s more or less an exact description of one of the many dreams I experience as a result of my medication. As I mentioned to Roland, I try to use it to my advantage. I find by influencing the dream I alter my conscious state, hence I now turn away from the edge in dream state and waking am more +ive. Thank you Ben

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      1. You are welcome my friend.What medications are you taking ? Dreams can tell us a lot about our life, and about world. If we have an open mind to interpret them on the proper way, we are blessed ! On the other hand, something dream is just a dream

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      2. So sorry to hear that.That is very dangerous disease.Try with meditation .That could be your great help. Try to convince yourself that you are healthy, that you are great,and I am sure that your body will answer you on the best possible way

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  1. Nigel, your poem is absolutely wonderful , I just wish you didn’t have to pay such a price for it. My heart goes out. It is a blessing when something so strong and beautiful is born from suffering. There is so much positive as well in your poem and your last stanza is both defiant and sure of that life is what you want.
    Thank you for sharing this

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    1. Thank you Miriam, I’m very pleased you picked up on the positive, as you can imagine I’ve had a few what I term ‘dark eureka’ moments over the last 7 years but I’ve prevailed . Writing has been the best therapy possible. It’s given me purpose / contact with some of the purest souls and like minded people . I am in many ways blessed.

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  2. Another great piece Nigel and I see how it links into the Poetic Motivations you read. Apparently hands appearing in dreams are linked to creativity. Roland has summed the poem up perfectly.

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