A tad indulgent to write often on this theme but it helps me exorcise my demons !




An acoustic man

I am infirm,

an amusement,

toy for a depravity most foul,

whose talons etch my body

with his dark prose, and bleeds

that which is me with vampiric lust.

He has taken so many

memories that should have been,

that now linger unclaimed in time,

picture post cards of a what if past,

floating, forever out of reach.

I am stripped,

just bare bones,

the sound called ‘me’, unplugged,

an acoustic man.

Yet I am the same song,

and now feel every note,

every beat, resonate with everything,

and it is joyous music I hear,

melodies with the force that is

a mother’s love, the delicacy of

breeze caught pollen brushing skin,

the heart pull of a child’s tears

and the beauty of a stranger’s hand, 

held out to the fallen,

the wonder of just being,

and I will play on for I have many verses

for you to hear.

6 thoughts on “AN ACOUSTIC MAN

  1. Heart-rending, yet beautifully and artistically expressed, Nige. I like the use of acoustic to give a bare bones, stripped back feel. There’s also so much vibrant energy, awareness, and strength in these words – a true poet’s heart that feels and experiences on higher levels. Love this, Nige. Play on, my dear friend.

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