Not to be confused with an earlier poem ‘Dance with a stranger’ . The spoken versions both feature the same song ‘Would you dance with a stranger’ sung by Peggy Lee, which inspired both pieces but they are completely different interpretations.


Would you dance with a stranger

Would you dance with a stranger

for a chance to find love,

take an unknown hand,

and be held close,

amidst the vinous risk of amour.

Would you let slip from the side,

dispelling the ghosts of perhaps, 

to float over ‘may be’ floors.

Would you be entranced by that moment

when music brings a touch

that flames all your feelings,

in a dance with a stranger,

sent from above.


    1. Thank you Colleen, you mentioned the film and I thought, ‘ooh I haven’t visited that piece in a while’. When I did, the spoken was missing, gremlin trouble again ! I was just going to tweek it as a re-write/v2 when I decided to do a complete new poem.

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      1. I loved that piece, and this new one, too! I actually have an idea stirring with the same title. Those pesky gremlins! Is it a common WP problem to lose photos, too? Mine often end up as nothing more than an x inside of a square.

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      2. Go for it Lynn ! Some are definitely gremlins, Charlie’s had a load of mysterious ‘unfollows’, me being one, I’ve tried re-following to no avail. Also I’m not IT savvy, though I did manage to sort my last problem where the WP help guy didn’t have a clue !

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  1. Nigel, it is a very beautiful poem with a searching question.
    You really got the gift to write very emotive poems and yet with
    such strength.
    As to the question, I would dance with a stranger but not for actively seeking love,
    unless he was “sent from above”. Dance for the joy of dancing is a wonderful feeling.

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  2. You have got me again with this brilliant piece Nigel. The line “to float over maybe floors” is wonderful and takes the poem and imagery into a different dimension. It has taken me back to the time when I first met Mrs. D. and I took that chance, (after a consultation with my advisor Mr. S. Artois,)

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