SONNET 19 – truth of heart

A collaborative, ‘Colorfulvoice’ piece, between Lynn (Colleen) of L.Burton writes and myself.


L. Burton

key to my heartA collaborative effort between myself and my dear entangled friend at Voices of a Hidden Self who was so very kind and patient while we worked out alternate lines of this sonnet. 

Should such truth of heart be playthings to gods
tossed aside by careless misfortune’s hand
slave to fate’s puerile sport of winks and nods
must we suffer so, marked by this cruel brand.
Will not a love of such fierce burn prevail
to rage like the sun on a summer’s day
all other love shown unworthy and frail
while this love, its path shall forever stay.
We are but a fallen morning kissed rose
yet shall our perfumed petals blossom still
and all will weep hearing our lover’s prose
their tears the endless seas to softly fill.
And if we must this night forever part
forever we will have such truth of heart.

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