A Companion Piece to ‘Sheba’s Cottage’.




Winter forays with silent ease,

only icy chills reveal it’s intent,

the woodland to quickly freeze,

unopposed, now summer’s spent.

Spartan branches to me reveal

slim faint lines of crystal white,

where frost now starts to steal

all the colours from my sight.

This bitter Virus starts to take

for itself this once lush space,

a kingdom of Cold so to make,

with frost Drape Trees like Lace.

Neither plant nor tree can resist

the tireless invader’s steady march,

though still all forest life does exist

below the sheet of glacial starch.

With a glance at the sugared path,

ever weaving amongst the Trees,

I realise that all Winter’s Wrath,

which spirits away the leaves,

could not ever lay to waste

the Wood, with it’s snow or rain,

for always will it be replaced

when Spring returns again.


  1. You make me love winter more and more. I can feel that bitter cold but also the warmth and renewal of spring underneath. Every line is absolutely beautiful, Nige ! ‘Unopposed, now summer’s spent’ makes me hear Summer saying, ‘go ahead Winter, do your thing, but I’ll be back.’ Lovely, lovely piece!

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  2. Thanks Nigel for sharing this dreamy poem a snowy morning.
    Of all seasons the winter with snow gives the most dramatic transformation, just overnight.
    You say: “With a glance at the sugared path,

    ever weaving amongst the Trees,

    So beautifully describe the first glance of this soft and pure blanket, hiding imperfections.


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    1. Your most kind Miriam, Spring wood is a boyhood haunt of mine, halcyon days endlessly roaming from dawn to dusk with the terriers, I feel it’s draw now whenever troubled but at the moment I’m too infirm to go……but next year will be different.

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  3. A vivid and poignant piece of poetry Nigel and all the better as, as I read, we have some proper snow down South. I really enjoyed the seasonal contrasts you have weaved into this poem.

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