Bell sound falling like snow by Sven Helbig


As sleep ebbed

As sleep ebbed into dawn’s first touch,

the morn still held fast by night,

there above the snow gilded streets of

a town’s first winter wake,

flew a silent flock of creatures unknown,

swift and with purpose,

a ghostly grey shimmer

against the dark’s dominion,

tiny bodies and blurred wings

caught by the ice mirrored lucency

of fading moonlight.




12 thoughts on “AS SLEEP EBBED

  1. Nigel, it is wonderful how you capture the mysticism of this frozen winter morn.
    ‘the town’s first winter wake’…..’a ghostly grey shimmer against the dark’s dominion’.

    Altogether very beautiful.

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    1. Thank you Davy, it was when we had the first dusting of snow, the sky was crystal clear so the moonlight was reflected everywhere and on opening my eyes this flock of small birds, I assume, darted across and were illuminated from below giving them an ethereal glow, and I just thought wow and smiled, this piece was a ‘tumbler’ for sure as most poems based on ‘peak experiences’ tend to be.

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  2. You set the scene beautifully, Nigel, with ‘the morn still held fast by night’, and with such images you continue to express a poet’s delight in a natural occurrence. Yorkshire is certainly one of the best places to capture such an experience, but I might be a little biased!

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