Green & Grey by New Model Army



From my window

From my window I see,

a lacquer coated world,

a gloss false transparency.

Dead shops in dying towns,

urban seas where human

plastic detritus collects,

to be harvested for war

and dinner party bluff.

Arrogance is entered twice, once 

under A and again under H,

where humility used to be,

and all seek status but never self.

From my window I see,

the Prosecco and magnolia

generation, where ‘need’

and ‘must have’ are catch phrases

played too often.

Lifestyle magazine guidebooks

tell of how to live ‘life’ like

everyone else and parents

worry if their children are

not fabulous and popular.

It is a world where the old

alter of individualism lies

smashed and entombed in ivy

its dusty broken body, mocked

by the new god of bland conformity.




9 thoughts on “FROM MY WINDOW

  1. Very powerful poetry Nigel, with a detailed observation on today’s society. What you speak of seems more prolific this Christmas where the materialism seemed to have started in October. Great track to support it as well Nigel. Thank you for the poignant thoughts and reflections to take into today.

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    1. Thank you very much Davy, I agree, my neighbour just made a fair bit of money making xmas decorations out of discarded bits of wood & twigs and selling them at the local fair. I caused a bit of unpleasantness by asking if the money was for the local school or some other charity. It was a genuine assumption on my part, because that is what I’d do, I wasn’t judging. But afterwards, given everyone’s reaction, I thought that kind of sums up xmas now.

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