“The courage of the poet is to keep ajar the door that leads into madness.”  

Christopher Morley


Nessun Dorma – (None shall sleep) by Puccini



Where all is absence

I have heard the heartbeats

of a room full of people,

a vague purr with the finger

drumming of impatient hands.

I have heard

the sound of rich soil yield

as Snowdrops break free and blink,

lured by first light’s warm cheer.

And the static crackle of true love

from the quiet corner couple

within the garish loud of

surrounding revellers.

I have seen tears from eyes

that can no longer weep,

blurred to depravity and pain

by severed humanity.

I have seen

a park bench’s memories,

a nebulous home movie

of time trapped smiles

watching childhood play.

And the racing, eager thoughts

of infants as they begin to

unravel the mystery of being.

I have felt the air brush

my face from the wings of

distant winter geese in flight.

I have felt

the fading fire of passion spent,

flicker unto ember glow,

unnoticed beneath familiar habit.

And I have felt the fog of nothingness

envelope me, blurring sight and the pull

of the void, the vacuum where silence

is deafening,

where all is absence,

that is the price I pay

and will happily pay




10 thoughts on “WHERE ALL IS ABSENCE

  1. Nigel, you write poetry with such depth and music. This one has me read and read again and I feel there is very little I can add except saying; thanks for letting me come along as we see these people, hear these sounds and even feel the nothingness.
    To hear Nessus Dorma along gives euphoria. I love it and wonder who doesn’t.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant post and poetry Nigel. Everything, the quote, the music and the poetry just meld together. Although Kevin Baxter and his pram walked in halfway through. Just shows the quote is true.

    Liked by 1 person

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