A Father & Son moment

He stood there, my boy, my man-child

with the air of one who had grave news

to convey.

But he was not off to join ‘La Legion’

and thank god there was no bairn

on the way.

He looked me dead in the eye saying

‘Dad, will you please teach me

to shave “

On looking at his downy top lip a 100

jibes appeared but this treat I chose

to waive.

For it suddenly struck me this was

a ‘moment’ as proudly we went to

the sink.

There was hot water and soap talk

and ‘man mysteries’ that made

him think.

He expertly used brush and razor until

I feared he’d make his face sore,

A pat on the back, he’d lost his ‘tasche

although nothing was there before !

I then suggested he could wipe such

a growth away with a damp cloth next

time to which he replied ‘Funny !

is that how you got that bald patch

on the back of your head ?’

Ah the student will soon be the master !


6 thoughts on “A FATHER & SON MOMENT

  1. Thank you Nigel, this is just wonderful and shows love so clearly.
    It was a serious moment for the boy/man and you recognised it and both of you shared
    what you will never forget.
    I love the last stanza when your son’s wIit turns the table.


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