Endless Possibilities

My life as a boy

was one of

endless possibilities,


As a young man,

it was one of

making my mark.


Now I am indifferent

to that young man,

and envy the boy


I would give all

to again live that life

of endless possibilities


  1. I think the dangers and uncertainties of the future weigh heavily on the older generation making us so nostalgic for a past which seems idyllic now but in reality was hardly that. It doesn’t stop us feeling, as you do and as I do myself, that we would love to have those ‘endless possibilities’ returned to us. You spell this feeling out with precision and great emotion in your poem, Nigel

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  2. I wonder Nigel if we went back to those days, what would we change? Would we want to still be footballers or astronauts, or would our life experience make us appreciate the smaller things more. There is a lot in this excellent poem and it will have me thinking all weekend.

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