Seasons Greetings and best wishes to all !




Is that you

Is that you I hear,

at times,

in the half light shade,

a silken voice as though all

the world’s songs of love

are a single melody,

caught and carried to me

by precious memory.

Is that your touch I feel,


in the morning mist’s

promise of light to come,

when time blinks and

I feel a hand pass

over my cheek leaving

a tear’s ghost in it’s wake.

And as I lay pleading for the

night’s pity to grant mercy

and take me to where all

is possible, I place a kiss on

the dark nothing beside me

that is you.

9 thoughts on “IS THAT YOU

  1. Nigel, I love your dreamy and tender love poem. So beautiful.
    Yet, the last stanza carries sorrow.
    This is how it feels to me, I so wonder what your inspiration was.
    For me to wonder and you to know.

    Have a wonderful holiday all of you

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  2. “Pleading for the night’s pity to grant me mercy” – beautiful. The whole poem is beautiful, but deep within it I sense a kind of sadness, yet within that too, is hope. Just lovely

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