Is this new year

Is this a new year,

the new year I’ve been heading towards,

for it seems no different save it’s title.

I know there will be seasons, and dates

of note, that the number labelled age

will increase by one, that it will reduce

the time to future events,

like births, deaths and weddings.

It will mark songs, film and catastrophe

with it’s name, sealing them into history,

and after 12 months it will be replaced

and filed under past.

Perhaps it’s just a different year.


18 thoughts on “IS THIS NEW YEAR

  1. I too feel the same, Nigel. Here’s hoping that it will not be just a different year and that it will see more love, kindness, hope, empathy,and happiness.
    Happy New Year, Nigel to you and your loved ones.

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  2. I enjoyed this reflective piece, Nige. It pretty much sums up my thoughts on the new year. The past couple of new years have come in on not a lot of fanfare for me, but it’s always interesting to look back and look ahead.

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  3. Well said, Nigel … and the older one gets the more insignificant the change of date appears to be. After all, in effect we are just moving from another Sunday to another Monday. However, it is time to thank you for your blog submissions which, throughout the past year, have entertained me as well as given me cause to admire your fortitude, your poetic skills and your constant feel for language. Long may they continue to do so.

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    1. Such kind words are greatly appreciated and most welcome Roland and I too am most grateful for your Ragbag, which both educates and delights me with it’s diversity. Whether your Art, the selkie painting is amazing, favourite short poems, photo blogs or poetry I am always glad I dropped by.


  4. Thank you Nigel for this thoughtful and true poem. Yes, it is just another day, another number.
    Any day during the year there could be more worthy things to celebrate.
    I do guess though that there is a need within us to celebrate. To get together for a good meal and listen to the Big Ben or other bells ring in. We join in with each other. Even tribal communities had excuses for get togethers.

    We could of course go to bed and read a good book or such……I do love reading.😊🎉

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  5. Is it a Northern ageing thing Nigel as I have been entertaining similar thoughts this time round. Nice poetry to get me thinking into 2018. Anyway, all the best to you and yours Nigel and I look forward to more of your poetic words and thoughts.

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