The richest man is he who sees wonder each time a bird takes flight.”                                                                                                                                                                                                     N P Smith




 I picked an apple from the bowl,

it was russet and hazel,

uneven in shade.

I bit into it and tasted it’s flesh

exposing the seeds waiting in

it’s core and I wondered.

Awaking at midnight I saw the moon’s

curiosity had got the better of her,

as she had crept close under

cover of night to sneak a peak

at the sleeping world

and I wondered.

A river trout broke the surface,

for a second free from it’s

fluid prison, it gasped at a midge

before breathing water again

slowly it’s form undulating

making me wonder.

And a dove taking flight,

denying gravity’s purpose,

slipping loose from ties

that prevent me from soaring

aloft and swooping through

the invisible seas above,

always makes me wonder.




10 thoughts on “I PICKED AN APPLE

  1. This poem left me feeling of a dream within a dream Nigel (if you get my meaning). It is that moment when you wake but don’t know if you are awake or still in the dream. You are so right with the quote, nature provides us with true riches way beyond the material things. Thank you for this excellent poetry to give a positive start to the day.

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  2. Wonderful poem Nigel. You also made me realise I am a rich woman as I see wonder each time a bird takes flight. I love your quote.
    All through the poem you feel the wonder of so many “simple” things and how right that is.
    They are wondrous.
    We haven’t got big enough wings to fly but our spirits can soar. 😊 .

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    1. I wrote it some time back and you’re post about giving leaders a flower made me think on it again, the simple act of giving a flower also being a wondrous thing. I’ve explored this theme further but the piece that came to me is a little dark for first week in jan ! Thank you for your kind words kindred spirit.


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