This is a piece by our friend Davy Doran of  Inside the mind of DavyD , It’s a very personal, poignant and beautiful poem. I was hooked when I first read it, so much so that I asked Davy if I could do  spoken version, he graciously said yes, so here it is, I hope my Yorkshire accent doesn’t upset Cumbrian Granda where ever he be.



GRANDA’S SHED SPOKEN AND ‘SALLY GREY’ – a traditional Cumbrian song


When Granda comes out of the shed,

you know, the days he’s been up to mischief,

his silk cravat off centre, knot slipped to the left,

he needs three or four steps to steady his door filling frame.

Then he locks you with those wide blue eyes,

puts his finger to his mouth and whispers

“don’t tell your nan”.

The cravat, he told me, reminds him to enjoy the light on days

when he’s not on his hands and knees, being swallowed by the earth.

His balance regained, he pats my head with hands which have

“knocked a few blocks off”, chuntering aloud,


“the mine will never get you my boy”


“the mine will never get you”


4 thoughts on “GRANDA’S SHED by DavyD

  1. Nigel, I am lost for words other than, through the tears, to say a huge thank you. Your voice has the gentleness of my granda and he is at the end of the Miner’s Bar raising a pint in a toast to you.

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