IT LIES NOT IN SWEETENED WINE – the essence of love 2


“You can not find love, you must wait for love to find you”  N P SMITH




It lies not in sweetened wine

I thought it would be easy, to find love,

wise words say it is in the eyes,

a coup de grace kiss ,the hand squeeze

under stars and moonlight from above.

But they fool themselves these sages,

who claim to know about this thing,

for it is coy and timid, elusive

and sought by man through the ages.

It lies not in crystal and sweetened wine,

nor with naked, assumed intimacy.

It cannot be bought or made. But is

sown, unseen when life’s paths align,

either to grow slowly before the bloom

or to burst from the earth, to shock

with the sudden vibrancy it brings,

enhancing all with love’s perfume.

10 thoughts on “IT LIES NOT IN SWEETENED WINE – the essence of love 2

    1. Indeed Nandita, but perhaps not to the Poet, I feel sometimes on opening our doors that we are met with such incredible beauty, that on closing them again everything is grey, drab and uninteresting. I always therefore try to leave a slight crack to peep though.

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      1. It will always be there for you Nandita, we sometimes open doors to find darkest night, we just don’t know, but once you’ve opened one, you will again, even if you slammed them shut. I was saddened to read your post about your concerns . Dark shadow is like a familiar old jumper to Poets, we all wrestle with the dark but it is the price we pay to see the good stuff. We also at times can’t see the wood for the trees, these are all signs of creative fatigue, we then become becalmed. I never fight it, I rest, shut down those voices of my hidden self. And then I remember a ‘peak experience, a moment that was beyond the normal. I wrote a while back about swimming at midnight in a lake, floating on my back in the water, looking up at a million stars in the vastness above, it was like I could feel the very pulse of all life.
        When you’ve rested my friend I would love to read about something you would regard as an experience beyond normal . It would be a shame not to use the magic again when there is so many base dead words to conjure into life and beauty.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, Nige !! The last part takes me right back to the photo and I think she’s not alone, love is about to find her on one of those paths that align and I can feel the “shock of vibrancy”. Your vivid way with words delights the senses!

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  2. There is so much truth in your words Nigel. I suppose age and experience teaches that when true love finds us, what went before was just infatuation. As you say in this excellent poem, when it really hits you, you know.

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