I watched a child at play,

with friends unseen,

wondering if it was her

world or mine that was



The boys were arguing before

the match began, none of them

wanted to put their designer

hoodies down on the grass

for goal posts, so just hung about.



He looked so very smart

for his mam and was told

he was the bravest of boys.

And when the ham sandwiches

were all gone he whispered

can I cry now dad.


They swore, blew cigarette

smoke, walking draped

over each otherplaying

at grown-ups, they think

adults act like this,

because their parents do.


A closed down toy shop

kids don’t play with toys now

Imagination is fed via

computer and we are 

slowly losing dreams,

desires and empathy.


6 thoughts on “VIGNETTES – CHILDREN

  1. More excellent vignettes, Nige ! These pull the reader in and you get a real feel for the subject, the setting, the mood. Exactly what a vignette is supposed to do, and you nail it every time. That last one is a sad truth, isn’t it?

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  2. Nigel, you write so beautiful as always. You feel sadness I believe, for the changes in what brings joy into our lives and that of our children.
    I have like you thought about it a lot and as comfort can only say that I feel there will always
    be both. The computers, mobiles, snapchats etc and the wish to play football or other games.
    Our generations have a great responsibility in how to present the various option. We also have to admit our own dependence on computers.

    And they dream, believe me. Their dreams are both romantic and practical. They love nature given half the chance. I had a few visiting my “retreat in the forest” last summer. No wifi there.
    They scared me with their disappearance in the forests. They bloomed, laughed and just lived.
    So don’t despair. I believe in the young as much as in us.

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  3. Loved these Nigel. Each one brings a separate memory. Number 3 just hits you as you don’t expect it until the last line. Designer hoodies for goalposts? They must have been Leeds fans.

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      1. Ah, now it makes sense Nigel. My mind couldn’t make the connection between Leeds fans and designer tops. There were a nightmare when they visited London. I was once stood among a couple of thousand Leeds fans at Chelsea in temps of minus five and they all had their tops off.

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      2. ‘Yorkshire born & bred, strong in arm & thick in head’ . We had a couple of ‘service crew’ pond life in Guiseley, always trying to pick a fight, even a pasting from the local rugby team didn’t deter them.

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