the way, the truth, the life, Opus 381 by Carson Cooman sung by University of London Holloway Choir.


Sonnet 19

That our today will so soon  yester be

does enrage those who prefer breeze to gale

yet we who have weathered the savage sea

fear not the Goodnight of a fading frail.

We welcome the swift passage of the day

and grasping the hours with a fervent hold

live so fiercely that time enjoys no sway

and the heavens smile at such burning bold.

Choose not to wither slow upon the vine

but blossom bright and reaching for the sky

make demand that the sun will ever shine

for those standing proud and yearning to fly.

And when tired eyelids make that final meet

our weary self will that sleep calmly greet.

5 thoughts on “SONNET 19

  1. Nigel, this is excellent and there are so many messages in there about living life to the full. I have read and listened to it a few times. It is another one of your poems that I will sit with and revisit through the week. Thank you.

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