“To hold a hand is a magical act, a ritual of such simplicity

          that it is easy to forget all that it can conjure.”   

                                                                                                                                    N P Smith




There lay between my palms a hand,

cold and almost lifeless, such that

my warmth could make no gain.

It’s eyes were shut,

no expression played across it’s face

and only the habit of breathing

remained as a sigh seeping over lips.

But as the callous hands of a clock

clunked, relentlessly, to an unknown

hour, minute and second, a moment

of dread and embarrassed release,

I felt the fingers curl and grip my

hand and I knew it’s import was

love and reassurance, a knowing

of what we were to each other

and a last goodbye.




13 thoughts on “A MAGICAL ACT

  1. In among the sorrow Nigel you have captured the feeling of peace and strength that comes with being with someone at this point. Another moving poem and summed up perfectly with your quote.

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      1. Oh lovely! Give me a nudge if I at first miss it, the work year has started off rather busy and annoyingly gets in the way of longer WP sessions! How inconsiderate of my employer/s lol!

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  2. Beautiful Nigel, sheer and strong. Simple actions conveying a whole relationship,
    conveying death, love and togetherness.
    Brilliant and deeply touching.

    I have saved your quote as it rang strong bells and still today I find a great truth in
    what this simple action can give.

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    1. I greatly appreciate the time you take considering your comments Miriam and I thank you for this comment in particular. I often feel reticent writing about death, it seems so taboo in the west, or maybe just England, people are so quick to accuse you of being morbid, but we can’t shy away from it, and Poets are drawn to emotion. I would be interested in your thoughts concerning another piece ‘Death of a Butterfly’ which is very unusual in it’s theme, I was going to post now but Fiona has done a wonderful piece called ‘Butterfly daze’ at wordsworthmuse so didn’t want the circle over run with butterflies.

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