Death of a Butterfly

A frozen butterfly fell, caught by frozen sky,
still miming flight, as if in silent applause
amidst the deep red tears of a peony’s cry
and the hoar frost’s breach of seasonal laws.
It should be folded, winter safe within a tree,
not as sacred blood spilt upon a cruel white,
to show how beautiful death’s work can be
blurring thoughts of what’s dark and light.

10 thoughts on “DEATH OF A BUTTERFLY

    1. Thank you Miriam, although the incident was real, from a few year back , I took it as an incentive. Butterflies and snow often symbolize, rebirth, spirit, change or transition and I used the experience to start a change in myself, I finally accepted that my life had been ravaged by my illness as much as my body, but, I would set about creating a new life and to some extent a new self. Thank you as always.

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  1. Thank you Nigel, I value the honesty with which you explain the incident behind the poem.
    It is an important poem. It was born with the courage of acceptance of your illness and of the decision to build a new life. I know enough to understand it is a daily renewal of courage.
    Maybe the butterfly brought the poetry.🦋

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