About quality of experience and how every day, taken for granted activities can take on a ritualistic form that ‘can’ be to some rewarding. For example morning coffee, we can throw some freeze dried instant in a mug, add hot water and drink. Or we can grind the beans, get out the stove top Moka pot, boil the water, let it infuse and pour it into a favourite coffee cup (perhaps to the gentle sound of Chopin). The point is to derive as much pleasure as possible from a simple act. In this example one can smell the coffee more intensely, for longer, there is time to ponder ideas for a new poem, all is calmed and the more times such an act is performed the greater we derive pleasure from it.




I have lived well this day
ignoring the hand offering me more time
while it’s accomplice steals joy and
experience in return.
I seized the day !
But once in my grasp I cherished it,
savouring it’s flavours,
sensing every nuance,
finding hidden treasures,
gifts unwrapped,
and it was glorious.



  1. Loved the words and thoughts in your words and poetry Nigel. Slowing down and experiencing more of life is a focus for me this year and it is just the simple things, like not having the news on whilst having breakfast, or experiencing the heat of water on you hands whilst washing. A post to return to when starting to sprint again. Thank you.

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  2. I agree, you have lived well today. You seized the day and cherished it. Wonderful
    and so life affirming poem.
    As to cherish each small thing. My coffee making in the morning is such. I brew it properly,
    boil a little milk whilst whisking with angel wings…until it is foam. Pour it into my absolute favourite morning mug and then pour in the hot, strong coffee.
    😊 miriam

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