This beautiful poem is by Diana at The Wandering Armadillo  who kindly gave me permission to do a spoken version of ‘The Bookmark’.






the bookmark

i am a tattered bookmark

nestling between feathered pages,

the best time of your day you say

with coveted book, to read in stages


but alone in the light of day

to leave this worded catacomb

i’ll edge away from threaded spine

seeking freedom from paper home


so many of your transient reads

have evoked smiles…private tears

i’ve watched them come and go

i the constant,through the years


but these pages are not my friends

they constrict with musty damp

so rest me on your bed time lap

there us both, by oiled lamp

6 thoughts on “THE BOOKMARK by Diana

  1. Oh Nigel! What a thrill this was … it’s one of those “moments” in life that truly overwhelms. Having another person read out loud my words is so humbling….I had to cover my face with my hands as I blush/laughed and glowed all at once. You read it with perfect rhythm and intonation and in such a soothing way with your lovely accent.
    Thanks ever so much! Raising a glass in your honour this gloomy night … I couldn’t be happier!

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    1. It was, as it always is, a pleasure to read and present some ones art in this way Diana. I can’t adequately describe the feeling, but every so often I’m just drawn to a piece in this fashion. It is not an indication of either a particular Poet’s or poem’s merit, rather that a piece just clicks with me, much like Lynn’s, Charlies and Davy’s. I guess the closest analogy I can come up with is learning a foreign language. In the early days you ‘mentally’ translate from mother tongue to new, you’re ‘thinking’ what to say, later when you’re fluent you ‘think’ in the new language automatically. Certain pieces are like that to me, all the elements are just there in my mind and I want to give them voice.

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