Dear God,

I hope this letter finds you well. I will try to keep it short
as I know you’re busy with all the ‘acts of God’ going on
at the moment. I was just wondering if there was any
chance you could pop down and perhaps do a kind of
world tour. Stadiums, chat shows, interviews etc. It’s just
that it would really help peace on earth if you could clear
up a few things such as is there life after death, is there
really a hell, which, if any of the prophets were genuine,
how ‘exactly’ do you prefer to be worshipped, that kind of
Oh, and one other thing, as you’re omnipotent, creator of
everything, why did you make dreadful diseases and
disasters ? It’s just that I’d have left those things out if
I’d made the world ! Were you having an off day ? It
happens to us all, you’re only human ! Well actually
you’re not are you.
Anyway, it would be great to see you, finally, for once,
if you can make it please let me know in good time
so I can arrange merchandise and security. People keep
blowing themselves up nowadays in, well, your name.

Kindest regards

Nigel Smith

9 thoughts on “A LETTER TO GOD

  1. Nigel, thanks for this direct and strong poem/ chat with God.
    I did these when I was young, please God, fix it.
    Stadiums, chat shows….yes you are are deep and funny. Now, would anyone believe?
    I gave you free will and power of choice,
    maybe I shouldn’t have;
    You needed to be creative,
    Be like me

    I love your reading of this poem. So at ease and natural. Great Nigel

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  2. Nigel, this is the letter that we all thought about writing but were scared in case something bad happened. At the age of 15 asked some similar questions to a local priest, who told me God was not responsible as he gave man freedom of thought and choice. My response of, “didn’t he make man in his own image,” got me labelled a blasphemer and told to go and pray and reflect on my faith. Knew then there was a rabbit off. This will have me pondering for most of the week.Thanks for writing and posting.

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    1. Ah the magic talisman ‘Faith’, wielded like Excalibur as if it’s a debate winning wmd. I don’t know what the dictionary definition is but mine is FAITH – the overwhelming belief in something that you do not know whether it’s true or not.

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  3. I’m impressed, Nigel. The sort of comments I would wish to address to The Almighty myself – if i dared! Sorry, my responses have been hit-&-miss this last week. I’ve been away in Devon for the past week, only just returned, and reception and communication via my tablet and smart-phone have not always been consistent. Should be more straightforward now I am back on my desktop!

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    1. No problem Roland, I’m battling a virus of unknown nationality at the moment but was also concerned one of us had got a WP gremlin taking up residence on our sites, something which is surprisingly common. Charlie on Charliesays had followers mysteriously unfollow him, we know it to be a glitch because I was one and certainly hadn’t unfollowed him


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