An arrow loosed

An arrow loosed to fly swift and true

intent on piercing a kings heart,

should it strike there’ll be a ruler new

a different ox before the cart.


The king is dead, long live the king

but is it for better or for worse,

will the minstrels of glory days sing

or bards tell of a befallen curse.


And will the archer be a man of skill

long known for his steady aim

or man of conscience who cannot kill

his shot intended to leave him lame.


Or will the wind gust and then drop

while nudging the arrows flight,

on each path his heart will beat or stop

in a display of fickle fate’s might.

6 thoughts on “AN ARROW LOOSED

  1. Enjoyable and interesting poem Nigel. I know it is a different era, but timely around the conversations with the Bayeux Tapestry. It is only when you try to fire a bow and arrow that you appreciate the science and skill behind it. That’s if you were lucky enough to keep your two fingers.


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