When snow falls

Come to me with your icy blow,
your wraith laden skies of grey
teasing all with a seeping slow
that sullies now this glory day.
And as your reason starts to fall
will you spare a flurry for me,
lay upon house, lane and wall
but also this poor leafless tree,
so again will I small beauty show
to he who walks beneath a bough
with mirror cradle of crystal snow
for as long as winter will allow.

16 thoughts on “WHEN SNOW FALLS

    1. Thank you my friend, I was immediately inspired on awakening by finding once great Britain smothered in 1 maybe 2 inches of snow !! such is the disaster that has befallen the realm that folk have forced to drive at the speed limit and sales of ‘keep calm & carry on’ mugs have soared, the queen said another inch and Jeeves will have to walk the corgis indoors and we’ll have to shut the country !

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      1. You have me chuckling though this sounds like a snow (dusting) disaster of epic proportions! May the clouds expel their white loads over the sea instead so that you may return to the grey skies and drizzle that dear England is known for! But most importantly… don’t send it here! Stay warm kind Sir! 😊

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  1. Took this poem out for a walk with me this morning Nigel as I had been pondering thoughts as to how much warmer the winters were becoming. Then saw on the news you had snow in your parts (of the world, not personal parts). Your poem captures the joy of snow and brings to light many childhood memories. Would be interested to know your thought processes behind the font you used as, for me, it enhanced the beauty of what you where describing.

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    1. Thank you Davy, the font reminded me of an old children’s book, I did look for a similar picture but was unlucky. The capitals have no significance other than a tumbler came ‘off meds’ , it’s that bit easier. Loved the N.echo piece, we did good Marra !

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  2. Love how you’ve captured the magic of snow in this beautiful wintery poem, Nige ! We had snow flurries the other day, sleet just a couple of nights ago, temps in the teens, and yet nothing that amounts to real snow. Haven’t seen much of the white stuff in years. I think the winters just like to tease us here in the Lone Star State.

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    1. I use a free app called ‘open live writer’ and set things there, post it to voices and finish it off as normal, A bit of a faff Roland but it allows you to change font, size colour all sorts, easily, which wp doesn’t.


  3. Lovely poem, lively and yet so peaceful as you feel the light snow falling….soundlessly.
    I love this : ” LAY UPON HOUSE, LANE AND WALL
    As I took my two children for walks I taught them that these trees are called ‘Snow Trees’. Their eyes shone when they asked me to make it snow. Just shake the tree ever so slightly.:)

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