I watch as the pendulum

sweeps through it’s arc,

chased by downward pull,

parting the invisible,

ever slowing,

until a moment before stop,

before it returns,

a moment too small to


here is revealed a new world,

of infinite boundaries

and answers to questions

not asked, where gods

come and go, and take numbers

from their form to make life,

where nothing

is as before

or after the pendulum’s



9 thoughts on “PENDULUM

  1. Nigel, so sensitive and with depth. This pendulum swinging – ever slower.
    I feel transfixed by every line, word.
    Picked out this as one who stopped me:
    ” until a moment before stop,

    before it returns,

    a moment too small to

    imagine, ”
    Wow Nigel.

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  2. Love the soothing, rhythmic quality in this, Nige, and that it explores something as deep and spiritual as experiencing reality on a grand level; that still point where doors can open and we’re fully tuned in. I so look forward to the rest of this trilogy.

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  3. The ticking clock accompanying your poem is mesmerising Nigel. Your poem took me to a childhood memory visiting an old aunt who had a grandfather clock. I used to sit for ages hypnotised by the tick and pendulum swing. With your final lines, it brings to mind how time will never stay still or be the same. Looking forward to the other poems.

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    1. Thank you Davy, it’s based on the book ‘stalking the wild pendulum’ by Itzhak Bentov which looks at the mechanics of consciousness. In extremely simple terms he says that as a pendulum slows it gets to a point where it is covering less than Planks distance (10 to the power of 33 cm) and here it effectively enters a world governed by quantum rather than Newtonian physics and causal events break down, movement becomes jerky and space/time may become ‘chunky’. OR flippin weird ! Just to clarify I’m no physicist and grasp very little of this, just enough to fascinate and confuse me in equal measure.

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