All poetry like any art is open to personal interpretation. However if you should wonder about the meaning originally intended, I will only say look beyond the obvious as the first impression of life as bleak is but a veneer, under which lies something quite different.




We are nothing

We are nothing,

the visible invisible,

of self perceived import,

existing only in the

reality we ourselves create

and our time, our end

is of no more consequence

than a blade of grass.

We just are,

surrounding ourselves with

amusements, so to stop us

realising what we are not.

There is no real purpose to life,

it is no gift, we are not here

to reproduce, we just do.

We just are.

And then we just are not,

while everything continues

to be nothing,

with no purpose,

except to just be.

12 thoughts on “WE ARE NOTHING

    1. Hi Ben, indeed. On one level my intention was to wake up people, you push and someone will push back. I hope to ignite the will to live for living’s sake but on another level to remove the fear of our own mortality . It speaks to different people on different levels. Your response, as I expected, is incisive and most welcome.

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    1. You have great insight Roland, to live for the sake of being alive, acceptance of the realities of our condition is my belief . Simpler and easier to accept and gain comfort from, without a supernatural involvement, works for me. Thank you for commenting on such a difficult piece.

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  1. Nigel, I really enjoyed these three poems. The thing that has stuck with me through each piece is the ticking of the pendulum from the first poem. It is that thought and the perception, time is slowing, which highlights the illusions we can create in our lives. As you so poignantly say, it is as it is and once we break through the illusion we are allowed to be. I will be revisiting these through the week as I am sure there is a lot more to get to grips with.

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    1. Thank you Davy, I see poetry, as you’ve probably gathered, as a way of exploring the hidden nature of ourselves, I’m as in awe of Yeats and Blake as Byron and Patton and feel poetry can at times bridge the gap between science and spirit.

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      1. I think that it a great way to tackle poetry Nigel as it cuts through all the pretentiousness and snobbery that limits its appeal. Once you start getting beneath the surface there is so much to be found.


  2. I’m positive this is one of the best trilogies I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing, Nige. I’ve sat with each of these for long, quiet moments. They pull the reader in and make them think. The idea that we are nothing ‘and’ something frees up that control we so often seek in our lives, the constant searching for meaning that we forget to live and just be. Thank you for these.

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  3. Yes Nigel, your beautiful poem comes through as very sad. Giving up on life.
    “There is no real purpose to life,
    It is no gift, we are not here…”
    We are here and just to live is a big enough gift – like the straw of grass which you take
    as your example.
    I know you as a positive thinking guy so didn’t buy the giving up. 😊🦋

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    1. Thank you very much Miriam, I don’t set out to be ‘opaque’ in my writing at times but I do believe our art, like others can open doors for others too, even to make folk think for a second is a worthy attribute. It also fascinates me how the circle interpret this kind of piece differently. It pleases me that you see me as positive despite my little problem, It says a lot about the people in our poetry world that I feel more comfortable, understood and respected, that I feel more empathy and consideration from people I’ll never meet in person than from people who are physically and supposedly emotionally close to me. And for that I am truly blessed.


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