Girl on the train

It is in a quiet corner, that I found you again.

This early night revealed you to me.

The sleepy traverse of train on track

sedating enough to unshackle focus.


It’s raining on others now, and I will

it to come closer, so I can see your face  

behind a screen of miniature glass pears.

I’m coarse and obvious in my stare,

furtive, as I pretend to be gazing beyond, though

I would not paint you with embarrassment.


 Damn the world and it’s happenings!

I cursed as you disappeared behind

the Evening Post, but watched still.

And when you re-appeared our eyes met

in the virtual, superimposed upon,

but not part of the passing trees and canal.

I won’t ever know your name, or hold you close.

But I look for that quiet corner,

and search for your reflection

in the train’s window, because your face is so pretty.

15 thoughts on “GIRL ON THE TRAIN

  1. Nigel, it sounds like you entered an altered state. The pretty girl is like a
    mirage; she is there, then gone…then there again ‘ behind a screen of pearls’.
    A dream, a pretty and compelling appearance as was Loreli to the sailors.
    Beautiful poem Nigel.

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    1. Thank you Miriam, that’s a fascinating take, despite being a young man and not shy in coming forward, I never even thought about approaching her, perhaps on some level I recognised her as a Siren! You’ve set me thinking now, which is always good.


  2. Got to agree with Ben here Nigel, you have captured the moment perfectly. In the way that a beautiful painting catches you in a gallery or a sunrise or sunset leaves you in awe. I enjoy the atmosphere you bring to your recordings Nigel. Listening to the poem with the background of the train brought another dimension to the poem.

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    1. Thank you Davy, yes I agree, spoken poetry I think, takes out a link in the ‘intellect’ side of the circle/process by negating the need to read, thereby balancing and freeing the emotion/imagination allowing to increase, plus as we’ve discussed before sound is simply more direct.

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  3. Nigel, I feel you are experinecing similar to a mirage. This pretty girl is dreamlike.
    She appears behind a screen of glass pears, then more clear. Again hidden behind
    a newspaper.
    What came to mind was the old saga about Lorelei who lured the sailors.

    Quite magic. Thank you

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  4. I read/listened to this the other day and have had to come back to it. Still trying to find some sense of normalcy in all the chaos. This certainly helps! The sound of the train tracks and your reading is greatly atmospheric. Love it, Nige.

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