SONGBIRD–by Miriam Ivarson

I’m most grateful to Miriam of MY WINDOW for kindly granting me permission to do a spoken version of her wonderful poem ‘Songbird’. Most of you in our circle will already know Miriam, who writes beautiful, personal and spiritual poetry, often influenced by her childhood, growing up on an Island off the coast of Sweden, but if not pop over, you can be sure you’ll be welcome.

Songbird by Miriam Ivarson



Plus something special for you Miriam, ‘Sorrow & Strength’ by M. Ivarson accompanied by ‘Papa kom hem’




A songbird landed on my hand
looked at me and sang,
sang from her pure heart;
With delight I watched and listened

But didn’t join in
nor give her even a crumb,

Next day she came back
pecked at my hand, then sang,
the most wondrous song

I didn’t say a word
nor give her a crumb,

I was delighted and told my friends
but what about the bird
that sang her heart out

I just didn’t think of her
Didn’t give a crumb,

One morning she sat on my hand,
she didn’t sing,
Just looked in sadness
moving her head back and forth,

Then she flew; higher and higher
I never saw her again.

Finally I understood my selfish ways
I hope she found someone who knew
how to love.

I will forever miss this soulful bird.

© miriam ivarson

14 thoughts on “SONGBIRD–by Miriam Ivarson

  1. Dear Nigel, what do I say. You have given me such a beautiful gift this morning.
    I listened to you with tears in my eyes.. The Songbird sounded so perfect with your voice.
    To then having found ‘Papa kom hem..’ wow, you are an imaginative and caring man.

    Your rendition this morning has given me strength, odd is life. As you said in you comment earlier, Songbirds are messengers….:))
    Thank you, it is an honour to be featured on yur blog

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    1. The pleasure and honour is all mine Miriam, as I said, I could hear the voices in your poem ‘Sorrow & Strength’, it would be rude not to answer. I think my rendition has just reminded you of the strength you have always had, one that comes from being in tune with nature, life and all it contains. My best to you Miriam.

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  2. Loved your reading of Miriam’s wonderful poem NIgel. Your recital and backtrack gave it a new feel. I would add to your thoughts if anyone gets a chance to visit Miriam’s blog and read her poetry they should. Her poetry has so much soul and spirit.

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  3. Nigel, as a longterm fan of Miriam’s blog and her poetry I was excited to listen to your rendition of these two poems. Wow! Your reading of them raises the poems to a new level for me and it was as if I came across them for the first time. Wonderful … also, your choice of accompanying music was inspired.

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    1. I’m delighted with your generous comment Annika and so very pleased you found my rendition pleasurable. It is very satisfying for me to read other circle member’s work. When read aloud a poem soars, and when I do a ‘voices’ version of a poets work, the finished piece is just as I heard it in my mind when I read it. My best to you Annika.

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  4. I’ve just read both these beautiful poems by Miriam today and she pointed you and your performance out to me, and I’m very glad she did because you really breathed such soul and life to her words that although beautiful I writing are even more so when read aloud. Thank you, Nigel! 😊

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    1. It’s such a pleasure for me to do a spoken version for other poets, I remember how I felt when I first heard my own. And I love matching music/sounds and detail, like finding a Swedish folk song. I spend hours and love every minute, so it is I who is grateful.

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