The Ego in this poem is the one used in common everyday conversation. That is ones sense of self-esteem and self-importance as opposed to the psychoanalytical or metaphysical definitions. While it is healthy and beneficial to have an ego because it leads to confidence and therefore success and other benefits, it is easily inflated. It is this over inflated Ego that is referred to in the poem.


An Ego slain

The procession moves in silent surround,

no wailing lovers to pass,

or weeping kin in black found,

cheeks damp with tears,

for he who lies within.

No robed priest will mumble kind words,

consoling day-trip believers

with thoughts of god.

Only the singing cemetery birds,

lament for he who’s now beneath the sod.

Feel no sadness for me,

this day will not sweet memory stain.

It is a death long sought, to be free,

so welcome this funeral for ego slain.

6 thoughts on “AN EGO SLAIN

  1. Thought provoking and excellent piece of poetry Nigel. I often wonder with artists (of all description) where the line lies between healthy and destructive ego. I have read ego is part of our survival instinct so what is it that turns ego into something so harmful. Maybe something for a more in depth discussion in later posts.

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  2. The death of an over-inflated ego is often met with little fanfare. How lonely for the narcissistic individual when all is gone because they’ve driven it all away. Or maybe they’re too wrapped up to notice. The pace of this thought provoking piece is perfect, Nige. I love how it slowly moves along just like a funeral procession and those ‘singing cemetery birds’ add another dimension to the piece.

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