A TEAR IN THE RAIN – by Kendall Lay

I came across this by chance, the artist simply says ‘it was a poem that turned into a video’. Whilst I have Parkinson’s, and there is an important message, I’ve posted this video because of its poetry and the way it uses video and audio to such stunning effect.

Please  be aware it is a very emotional and hard-hitting yet utterly brilliant and in the end a beautiful work of Art.


6 thoughts on “A TEAR IN THE RAIN – by Kendall Lay

  1. Dear Nigel, first let me say I am stunned by the poem and the video. It is totally enveloping.
    My heart, my brain, the sunny morning outside…..all blend into the words and extraordinary nature pictures. The man crying in the beginning and the end.
    Yes, it is strongly emotional, how can it not be.
    Thank you for posting it Nigel .

    If you go through similar problems every day I will just say I wish words could soothe and
    I thought of your blessing in your beautiful family. No-one though can be inside where
    all these changes take place and you must feel at times as if robbed of yourself.
    Yet, isn’t that odd, out of this came your poetry.

    I have read a lot about this disease but know that some understanding can never make up
    for experience.
    I would like to be a friend who at times might say a word that makes you laugh.

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    1. You are a valued friend Miriam, laughs, smiles and interesting thoughts are the medicine I need and you and the rest of our poet’s circle provide. I was reading of a Pd lady from Ilkley who has just found she can paint ! It is a most mysterious disease for sure. I’m never sure about posts in relation to Parky’s. I don’t want to be in denial, as I was for many years, as acceptance is key. But also I don’t want to sound like I’m getting out my Pd soapbox, and more importantly putting others in my shade. All I ever ask of the world is acceptance and understanding. And that is what I have found amongst you and the other poets, and for that I am truly grateful. I mentioned how it had benefitted me to Kendall in a comment on the pd site where I found his art, just in case it was something that may help .

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  2. Nigel, I think Miriam’s words kind of sum up all my thoughts on watching this video. All I can say is, with our connection, I hope I can be a small part of that medicine and am thankful for being able to share your words, poetry and friendship.

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  3. A work of art, indeed, in its message and the incredibly moving poem and video. Nige, I’m thankful every day for our connection. I’m forever in awe of your strength, your warmth and compassion toward others. You deserve that same warmth and compassion and then some. I’m glad to call you my entangled friend.

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