Only eight

I need to tell you you’re the one, the girl of my dreams.

Or so to me it seems,

but I am only eight.

 I loved you from the start, and in class at you I’d stare,

playtime pull your hair,

like boys do at eight.

 We will meet atop the slide and I’ll whistle a serenade.

Ply you with lemonade,

’til mums shout it’s late.

 Then I’ll lie and think how to impress you at school,

by acting the fool,

and turning up late.

 I hope we’re still together when we’re both eighteen,

and you’re still keen,

or at least still my mate.


12 thoughts on “ONLY EIGHT

  1. Great piece of poetry Nigel and one that has me thinking back a few years. The girls must have been different in West Cumbria. Impressions started as to how well they could save a penalty.

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  2. Wonderful poem Nigel with such great reflections of school time. I well remember
    having my long plaits pulled…..
    So time went and you now can wonder, where are they now, he/she.
    Brings back so many other vivid memories from school time and around.

    Whilst reading a Swedish song started singing in my head, I would have loved sending the link. A very dreamy song on where are they now, the dreams, the girl, the boat and such.

    Thank you Nigel

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      1. Nigel, I am so pleased you are interested. I found a version with English translation,
        so if link works you can enjoy. My favourite was one with sunsets and such in the
        background – but no English:))

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  3. Ah, young love. That photo is adorable and I love this poem, Nige ! It reminds me of the little girl who used to live across the street. She and Hadden were smitten with each other, yes, even at eight. One time I heard her tell him, “Do you know why I love you, Hadden? Because of your blue eyes and you taught me how to ride a skateboard.” It was the cutest thing ever. Eleven years later I still have the crayon drawing stuck to the refrigerator that she did of the two of them holding hands with a big sun in the background.

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