I can’t remember why I chose this image!


A single thought

I’ve had it now for quite a while,

yet even now it makes me smile.

Though not kept within a locket

it’s always with me in my pocket.

I remember well the day I caught,

as it passed, that single thought,

telling me that I love you.

18 thoughts on “A SINGLE THOUGHT

    1. Funny Miriam, but I was looking for an image with may be a flower or a man patting his jacket breast pocket, but when I saw that image the other side of my character appeared and I thought it was sooo cliche, so obvious and naff as to make it good, in a kitsch, sugary way.


    1. I do spend time and thought on my image selection for sure, but you know me Colleen, can’t resist a ‘funny’ or throwing a curve-ball now and again. It’s so syrupy and naff I actually like it, well may be ‘like’ is a bit strong heehee.

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