I chose the above image because of the obvious circle/freeze theme, but also because an image (poem)  has been captured, an image (poem) in which you can see more than you can in the everyday view.


The Circle

 If a Poet is no longer here,

circle breaks do not fear,

for as our verse is written,

 so time himself is smitten,

and freezes our words fast,

so for eternity they last,

ever in his safe keep

where all we Poets sleep.

10 thoughts on “THE CIRCLE

  1. Nigel, I like how you have led the eye and brain here with the picture, brief description then the poetry. After I had read the poem I went back to all the other elements. In my view all three are part of the poetry. It has me thinking all poets are part of the circle and through time we pass round the baton. Anyone can join in, but once you are in the circle it is hard to leave.

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    1. I agree Davy, more and more I think poetry needs other elements to give it greater appeal, using audio visual helps the mind get past that interpretation/translation part that other art forms are not limited by.

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      1. Maybe it is about information processing Nigel and a case of when we read and write poetry we allow access to other parts of the brain. I was reading somewhere that the theories of left side / right side brain functions are now being revised. A simple act can fire activity across all of the brain. Maybe, as you say, a piece of poetry needs to have other inputs to get the full appreciation.

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      2. Yes, I understand left/right hemisphere function theory is now discredited. I have always, for that reason, never fully jumped into the science camp. They are so very often just wrong/mistaken and expect us all to believe what we’re told until they suddenly decide ‘actually we’ve changed our minds’. Certainly a non-l&R brain function lends itself better to observable cases of neuroplasticity.

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      3. I wonder, certainly something involving dopamine and serotonin. I do know that currently, depression & anxiety are considered the same and so are due to low levels of serotonin and therefore treated with meds that increase levels of serotonin. However Scandinavian studies have shown anxiety shows ‘high’ levels of serotonin in PET scans, so giving these folk anti-depressants could make them worse. This could explain why some poor sods throw themselves off a bridge when given Prosac. Serotonin has more sub-types than any other neurotransmitter and is therefore likely to be a master/controller chemical. A few years back I read about sociopaths, murderers,sex offenders and general prisoners being PET scanned while being shown various stimulatory images, both obvious and not. The bit I remember most is pictures of children crying/hurt, which lit up areas associated with empathy/kindness in all bar the sociopaths, whose brain patterns never altered. Chilling! but the you will have seen that without a scanner I guess marra.

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