L. Burton

young love kissYears ago, my youngest son befriended a little girl who lived across the street.  The two of them were inseparable, and one day I heard her quietly yet boldly tell him, “Do you know why I love you? Because of your blue eyes and you taught me how to ride a skateboard.”  She was very much a girly girl, but was up for trying anything he was into.  Such sweet memories.  I was reminded of this moment recently through a post by my dear, entangled friend, Nige.  Thank you to my friend for allowing me to recall the moment and for the suggestion to put the memory into words.  The piece that follows is a collab between me and Nige.  The sound effects; his magic with a bit of a Beatles song that my youngest used to go around singing everywhere he went.


Upon a shade-blessed step 
under approving…

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