Sunny day

Waking a devoted supplicant,

washed by bright invisible warm,

gorging on solar healing balm,

I give thanks for the favour

of every sunny day.

Yet there hovers just from sight

thoughts of my brother,

whose parched voice curses

the sun that steals his land and life,

in blazing indifference and spite.

5 thoughts on “SUNNY DAY

  1. ” Gorging of n solar healing balm” . I love this and how apt now when we again
    can treasure the warmth.
    And yet there is the worry about ” the sun that steals his land..”.
    Intriguing ponderings you have this warm and sunny day.
    Thanks Nigel.

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    1. Thank you Miriam, it’s a thought I’ve often had on hearing people in England say how uncomfortable the heat/sun is, I don’t enjoy ‘hot’ days even by our standard, and think ‘what must life be like in places such as Ethiopia?’.

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