A hand held

It was a slight thing.

Perhaps abstract,

though I felt a sudden soaring of all,

as your fingers took my hand,

saying with that slight pressure,

that deliberate pull,

what I’d put to thought, and pictured

in moments of awkward slumber,

trying to bring reality from dream.

I doubted still , but on your leaving

hands remained entwined,

raising higher on each step gained,

until outstretched,

we held no more,

Yet as our broken touch fell.

So did I gaze into the knowing

glance and silent smile,

nestled over your shoulder,

and night claimed you,

but not completely.

7 thoughts on “A HAND HELD

  1. Holding hands, such a simple yet intimate act. The lingering touch before parting speaks volumes. Love the ‘knowing glance and silent smile’ over the shoulder, also the last line as if a piece of them was left behind. Truly beautiful, Nige.

    Liked by 1 person

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