Ok, a bit tongue in cheek and posted as fun, but a serious message. Elitism is never good, especially the academic flavour it often comes in. Poetry, should be about dissent, non-conforming, pushing boundaries and other such words !


Stephen Fry is well known world wide, Hugh Laurie will be known to our American cousins as ‘House’


  1. Nigel, it is fun, I have laughed my way through.
    The conversation and choice of poetry is absolutely hilarious and dare bring poetry
    to other levels. Poetry Bag shop!
    I do agree, poetry is for all…..even the busy house wife. 😊. Homemaker is more accurate.

    To be honest, most big poetry has been written by hardworking people in poorly paid jobs.
    I better stop here, getting dizzy on my soap box.

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  2. This is great fun! As much as what they said, I loved that they, at times, couldn’t keep a straight face. How funny! Poetry is indeed for everyone. And I agree to the non conforming. Shake it up a bit, know the “rules” and then break them all.

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  3. Quality Nigel and something nice and easy to break me back in. It is interesting about Steven Fry as I used to think he was part of the poetry elite establishment. I tried numerous times his, The Ode Less Travelled, without much success. I finally grasped it a couple of years ago and realised it was a great book to understand and practice poetry forms.

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