Legal eagle

She’s great at her job, and earns a few bob,

tapping the keys all day.

She goes to posh Do’s, and the company sues,

with the letters that she types.

She’s well in her self, though left on the shelf,

it’s her boss she really  loves.

She’s the office bitch, but it runs without hitch,

and that’s her thing.

She’s senior in there, and none of ’em dare,

to cross swords with her.

She’s away in a daze, as in a blur she plays,

the qwerty concerto.

She’s a legal P.A, and loves every day,

of this job she does.

But retirement’s near and that’s her fear,

what will she do then!

8 thoughts on “LEGAL EAGLE

  1. Hi Nigel,

    great and modern poem. There are really so many people who dream about their career and enjoy their career. I am totally different . To sacrifice every day my 8-10 hours, it is too much my friend. That is not a freedom at all.The main question is here what we can do for our freedom !? And the answer is passive income.Financial freedom brings you geographic freedom.

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    1. Ah you know me well now my friend. I deliberately wanted a rhyme which with the overuse of ‘She’ and the fast flow of the piece I hoped to convey the ‘slavery’ that modern work/society practice/attitudes can become. As is often my want under the thin veneer of light hearted poetry lies great depth. At least that was my intention Ben haha!

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  2. Brilliant poem Nigel, the rhyme, the humour. The legal secretary also
    seems to have it all. Yet she is scared as deep inside she has nothing but fear.
    She hadn’t left space to grow outside the posh place and all the trimmings.

    Heartbreaking in spite of humour and glitz.

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    1. Thank you Miriam, you’re spot on, there was the social commentary layer that Ben picked up on and the emotional layer that you unsurprisingly picked up. It was written with that sadness in mind, based on a collage of people I’ve come across.

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  3. They all end up here Nigel in the Pub For Lost Souls. It was interesting reading Ben and Miriam’s comments and I suppose at different stages of life we have to sacrifice different freedoms. A lot in this poem to dwell on Nigel. Another great piece.

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  4. Excellent poem, Nige. Too often people go through their careers and the day to day without much thought to true happiness. Along with the fear, there seems to be an underlying loneliness and lack of self awareness compromised by not seeing herself beyond the profession itself.

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    1. Thank you Colleen & so true, there’s no doubt some complex underlying psychology afoot, ultimately I can only feel sadness. I seem to have a soft spot for tragic ladies, ‘Good time girls’, ‘Nightclub muse’ ‘Princess Tina’!

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