3–by Dave Doran

Many thanks to Davy D for permission to do a spoken version of his poetry.                         


Davy’s Art can be found at Inside the Mind of Davy D .




every night

he comes to the alley

same time, same routine

his odd shoes, her trainer

still reeking of forensic plastic

and final traces of her existence


every night

he takes off his shoes

placing all three at the entrance

barefoot he walks each

cold cobbled stone

and listens to walls

hoping to share their secret

12 thoughts on “3–by Dave Doran

  1. Thank you Nigel for reading this strong poem by Davy. Beautiful rendition again.
    The poem has so much imagery that you physically feel the tragedy and sadness
    as well as the love that makes the forensic man walk barefoot on the cold cobble stones.


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  2. Thank you so much for this Nigel and I do appreciate the time and effort you have put into doing this. I love the intro into the piece as it helps to build the drama and tension around the poem. Many thanks again my friend.

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  3. Your calm steady reading of Davy’s poem adds potency and drama to its already powerful images. The long introductory piano is a stroke of genius, the tension building with each measured chord. Splendidly effective, Nigel.

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  4. What a beautiful poem Mr D!!
    And so insightfully, respectfully, and beautifully read! You are a wonderful poetry performer Nigel. I am giving your request much thought so i can find something that would be worthy of such care.

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