My dear friends, I have today for your delectation something rather special. It struck me how many wonderful, famous and celebrated poets are women compared to say artists in the world of painting.

This is something I’ve also noticed within our own circle, and so I feel both honoured & privileged to have been given permission by the following poets to recite their work. Below is just a small sample of the amazing art to be found and enjoyed.

If you’ve a favourite piece you’d like read I’m always looking to expand my ‘Alchemists of word’ section. Don’t be shy or humble for I’m not a critic or academic, just someone who loves the written word.








Ashes Ashes – by Viktoria

The dimming cinders of my spirit

Lay glowing feebly in the night

The smoke escaped my every merit

The arsonist: life’s pain and plight


My vessel’s blood rolled with a smolder

My passioned breath – a fev’rish dream

Here I have died, my ash grows colder

The air still vibrates with my scream.


And yet a tale, I dare remember

Intangible, deep as the skies

That I exist still in these embers

And that a phoenix I shall rise.


I’ll rise, and soar above my ashes

The pain I felt – a memory

The blaze, my death, might come in flashes

But stay a dying reverie.


I’ll rise, but I am dust in limbo

The fire scents my senses stir

I’ll wait to cool, then from this pyre

I’ll rise. And be the firebird.








Deny the Heart – by Miriam

Friendship, love, care
are they but one?
Philia, Agape, Eros
blending to a singular Self, one without the other
the circle is broken;
A sickle moon.

Love born by the spirit,
Sensuality Kindness, aren’t they part,
of being complete?

How can we then deny?
Close the heart in a safety box?
so as not to get hurt,
kill what we are
what we can be; Fearing Life itself.

The little bird in your hand
rescued but stunned,
tender is our love, as is holding a child,
so trusting and soft;
Who with a smile wins our hearts,

as a loved ones kiss on your neck
whilst you pen your lines.







Unseasoning the season – Vanessa


The immutable reality of change

the longing to keep “before” in range,

it’s cratered the cortex of my being

and reverse refracted all my seeing,

my inner core blinded by the white ,

lasering the absence on my sight,

the snow in sympathetic silence

weakening the contrast in my blindness,

reaching for the knowing of the past

the sewing pain of beauty will not last,

or the hope is, it will, in fact, diminish

and these lines, for now, remain unfinished…



WITH by VANESSA FLOWER. (music chosen by Vanessa).



outstretched heart
I catch the evening as it floats in,
on peppered bird song
and the undulating breeze, salted-

these tiny sepulchres
vibrating with lament,

precious, sacrosanct lyrics of being
funeralled forever
in creation’s sighs








For a giggle I sent our Colleen, Lynn my attempt at a ‘Southern drawl’, tongue in cheek and great fun, y’all. How about a tyke accent Lynn ? heehee.





Three Times  – by Lynn

Diner silence
echoes a salt shaker tap
across chequered tiles,
nudges the writer and jazz musician
tucked in a window booth.
Event snippets
trail back on sunbeams and soda straws.
three straws lined up in a straight row –
I imagine them writing verse,
putting to music my companion’s eccentricities,
voicing a slow tune
as she folds and unfolds paper napkins,
announces that the menu is backwards
and everyone needs a friend like Betty.
Betty isn’t her name.  Or mine.  She replaces the salt.

26 thoughts on “POETRY FROM THE LADIES

  1. Nigel, thank you so much for this beautiful reading you have given four of us. It is generosity of spirit that gives this honour to other writers.

    It is an interesting point you take up in the beginning about there being many female writers today. You know as well as many of us that in the past women were not allowed to publish in their own name and used either a male family member or a male name pseudonym.

    Painting art is also showing big increase among women and a high percentage in art classes are women. Maybe hidden talents bursting out with more equality in society.?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Roland, astute as always, the City Varieties’ were an early influence, I loved the increasing groans from the audience that drove the compere to greater heights of extravagant vocabulary. I remember asking Dad whether they were all ‘real’ words, happy days!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on say no to clowns and commented:

    So Nigel, has done a lovely thing of reading a few poems, including a couple of mine, to honour the contribution to the poetry world by women poets. I love how he does his readings, and feel moved to be a part of this beautiful post (with a dignified giggle at the end 🙂 )

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is special indeed. Thank you, Nige for the thoughtful care you take in putting these spoken word pieces together. You always pick the perfect accompanying music and I adore “Blue Velvet”. I’m new to Viktoria’s work but I’m sure I’ll be revisiting her blog to find more gems such as the one you’ve presented here. Miriam and Vanessa are always a joy to read. Lots of giggles on your ‘Southern drawl’. Ha! That’s great! Me, a tyke accent? I’ll take you up on that.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Brilliant post Nigel and wonderful readings of these very talented poets. I was unaware of Viktoria so will have a look at her work. Thank you for putting this collection together and sharing. Are you sure that wasn’t a Lancashire drawl?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you mate, no it’s not a ‘Lanc – Lad’ accent, as well you know! Though to be fair it was barely American, but in my defence I had only vague childhood recollections of the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ on TV to go on. I don’t think Jon Culshaw has anything to worry about haha!

      Liked by 2 people

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