THE WORM–by Diana Korlaet

I am pleased to present, to satiate your thirst for poetic gratification, a poem by our very own Diana of  THE WANDERING ARMADILLO, chosen by herself, here in both written and spoken form.

Thank you very much Diana, 






are you acquainted with tales of tenderness?

voluble versions of vulnerability

from the pen of one

once a child

who would stoop for the lowly earth worm

on a perilous concrete passage

returning him to lush, moist loam

ending such an errant, wayward roam


what would you do with him?

alter the cadence of your stride?


and what of me?

for I am in your path

and the day is warm

offer me your shadow,

there a soothing darkness


threaten me with careless boot?

I’ve crossed such paths before

lulled in poikiloform torpor


no, gather me,

my annuli traverse your heart line,

your palm sensing shuffling setae,

tender me to your love…

in tepid torpor, on soporific soil

tangling in such terrestrial toil.

16 thoughts on “THE WORM–by Diana Korlaet

  1. Nigel, your beautiful rendition of Diana Korleat’s poem lifts it even higher.
    I really find the poem great as well, seen from both the now grown up child and from the worm.
    Clever and thoughtful.
    I do move snails and worms to the greenery on the side.😊 .

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww now I’m all bashful again! We northern brits don’t know what to do with praise, we just mess with our flat caps, moving something not there with our boots before muttering “Aye, ‘appen so, well best get on, sithee then”

      Liked by 2 people

      1. At which point I’ll run and give you a hug …. and if your face turns beet red we can blame the fault thermostat in the room.
        Posted this on my FB page and one friend said your vocals were “like butter”! Oh yes 😊💟💟

        Liked by 2 people

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