My burden is greatest at sundown,

before evening smudges the sky

with charcoal fingers,

when Swift and Swallow, soar on

warm summer risings,

freer than silver bellied shoals that

flare their brightness as one,

in a dark that is as clay to air,

and draw my sight to lift and

fly amongst them…………

and when dogs wonder about

a last walk of the day,

and mothers shout ten minute warnings to tired kids that

won’t come in, but marry

the warm day’s slowing,

regaling past glories and games

of endless playtimes,………….

when life’s set-backs did not exist,

and the approach of night’s vagaries,

heavy with intention to make sport with

troubled minds was a fear never felt.

10 thoughts on “BURDEN

  1. Nigel, this is a beautifully written poem – and read. Your reading lift your poetry as it at times lift ours.
    Your imagery is so strong I almost feel evening under a sunny morning sky.
    The closing of the day, for you compared to that of the children.
    Strong and brilliant.

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  2. This is truly poignant, Nige. I was going to say that my favorite line is ‘before evening smudges the sky with charcoal fingers’ but there’s so many achingly beautiful lines full of awareness. The photo makes me think of carefree childhood days, not always knowing what one is running to or from, and wide open, endless possibilities, and how the child in us always lives on in our hearts. Right now mine weeps and so wishes there wasn’t such burdens and fears in life.

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    1. Thank you so much Colleen, I’ve used the photo before but find it fascinating how the ‘wash’ in the editing, to me anyway, makes it seem more like an image from a day-dream/memory whereas the original B/W simply hinted at the past.

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  3. Nigel, I wonder at what point do the endless days of childhood games and being outside with hours of football, rugby and cricket become weighed down with life’s other burdens. Your excellent poem brought back those happy childhood memories and I suppose having had those experiences helps to lighten some of the burden when we sit and reflect. I don’t suppose hours of Playstation will cut it for those today when they come to look back on childhood experiences.

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    1. Very true Davy, I find such memories a two-edged sword at times. I had a simple, humble and perfect childhood, and I feel blessed yet at times recalling those times brings happiness for sure but also sadness of the loss of such happiness. Thank you for commenting Davy.

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