Lover or friend


Would you leave tomorrow’s tale

a virgin sheet,

on which no pattern of life,

by hand encrypted, will lie,

and future meet……..

such that I must ask of others also, were you real?…..

or has memory jumbled truth

with wishful want, erroneous sight

and false feeling.

Your scent is freed

as I press your clothes to my face,

yet no print of a lover confused, stains them from garment

into shroud of filigree lace.

Perhaps it is I who would bring

this story to its end,

who would write a final chapter,

if so, I would know with certainty

whether the premiss past

was lover or friend.

15 thoughts on “LOVER OR FRIEND

  1. Your poem intrigues with supposition about its back-story, Nigel. The sense of wistfulness and regret pervades and leaves me contemplating my own relationships, with their uncertainties and doubts. A moving expression of the nature of love.

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  2. If the hand of fate had moved in different ways Nigel. Like Roland your excellent poem has me reminiscing on the past wondering how things may have been if things had moved in different ways. Do we all have a one that got away? Loved the backtrack to your reading. Love is a devil.

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    1. Thank you Davy, yes ‘the one that got away’, I always wonder if that was a good thing/bad thing, fate being kind or unkind. I chose the song for the words as you’ve gathered but also because of Billie Holliday’s mournful voice and tragic life.

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      1. Couldn’t agree more Nigel, especially with my previous conviction for Sheltie poisoning. Hate to think how that would have turned out.

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      2. Stop man ! I’ve now got to clean my laptop screen from the tea I just sprayed over it ! Sheltie poisoner ! a niche crime I suspect, gotta be poem in that . Speaking of humour, our Texan friend Lynn is loving Spike’s ‘Puckoon’ at the moment. That’s what the world needs, to be able to laugh at life.

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  3. A thinker of a poem, Nige, that aptly expresses love in all its complexities. All of its unknowns can be met with such hopefulness at times, and sometimes lines between what’s real, imagined, or even wished for can blur into doubts. Fate can be fickle, that’s for sure. ‘Puckoon’ is a hoot! Thanks for turning me onto that. And I agree, if we can’t laugh at ourselves and life, what else is there?

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  4. Beautiful and sensitive poem Nigel. The past, the future. Was it real or not?

    Indeed, it should be you who should write the final chapter on the virgin sheet,
    then you would know…with certainty
    ” whether the premises past
    was lover or friend.”

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  5. How gorgeous is this!
    You will forgive me for my absences from WP I trust dear man. I traveled to far off white sand beaches….just as I move so gently through the sentiments you share in this beautiful piece. Your heart prints are all over it ❤

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