Beyond before, and of trinity Time,

existing only through moments now,

a lover’s sleep or the dreadful chime,

perhaps hands on scythe or plough.

What it will bring nobody knows,

for some light to replace the dark,

others the strike of random blows,

yet it is nothing without time’s mark.

9 thoughts on “AFTERWARDS

  1. Loved the backing of the ticking clock Nigel, which brings a poignant atmosphere to the poem. This leaves me with so many thoughts. Having come through a catholic education and upbringing, afterwards always created angst and terror. Having ditched it, there is a more calm and serene feel about it. As you say, what matters exists in the now. This will have me going most of the week.

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  2. A great thought provoking piece to start the morning, Nige. I love the ticking of the clock at the beginning, how it continues on through your reading, and seems to carry a heaviness at the end, at least to my own ears, anyway, as I sit listening and thinking about the words that precede it. The title makes me think of afterlife in a way, or more so a great life event, not just the passage of time or beyond what is now. Life experiences are as individual as the person who experiences them. Whatever/whoever they may be, time marks its path.

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  3. Nigel, this is a wonderfully written poem, so very sensitive to light and dark.
    To me the clock sounds ominous, like all perceptions this is my personal.
    Quote: ” a lover’s sleep or the dreadful chime,” softness and dark.
    Will the light replace the dark.?
    May the tic-Toc not be too powerful.

    ~ Miriam

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