My Weeping Soul–by Roland Keld

Roland, over at ROLANDS RAGBAG is this week running a series called ‘Borderlands of poetry’, a very personal look at the reasons and beliefs which govern his poetry. Do pop over for not only has he looked at poetry and given great thought to the subject, but then he has turned those thoughts into poetry !

Below is an example from ‘Borderlands 2’ in spoken and written form

My Weeping Soul

I weep my truths in poetry
And from my unconscious mind
In the borderlands there
Where the finite
And the incomprehensible meet
My secrets are torn
Crying to be freed
To be revealed
In poured out singing words
Shed in images
Subtle revelatory pictures
My art telling of those wondrous places
Secreted within my core
for good or ill
I never will
Access in any other way
Than through my weeping soul

4 thoughts on “My Weeping Soul–by Roland Keld

  1. Nigel, it is a wonderful experience to hear you read Roland’s beautiful
    poem. You have a great knack to make any poem sound better than
    I was already deeply moved by Roland’s soul searching poem and the revelation this gives.
    We can but give of ourselves in a true poem. This one proves this wonderfully.

    Well done you two.


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    1. Thank you Miriam, the subject is a tough one to do justice to in an essay, yet Roland has managed to convey his thoughts through beautiful poetry, which makes the words so accessible and proving how powerful and important poetry can be. The Tyke Twosome haha !

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  2. A beautifully penned poem elevated by your exceptional reading, Nige. I’ve enjoyed Roland’s series, and while personal, I think this resonates well with those of us who write poetry. Deep down we share not just words but we bare our souls. For me, I think it comes from a place of trying to make sense of what’s around and inside of us, and in sharing it all, the good and bad, we hope someone can connect along the way.

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