A clenched fist

My fist is balled, tight, knuckles white,

nail daggers bite.

deep, and into yielding skin seep,

etching my palm with constriction

of mind withdrawn.

I can feel nothing within

the empty cell behind the finger bars.

There is struggle here, ever tighter

strains the grip on nothing,

anger numbing all.

Now I unfurl this fist, clearing mist,

and to me is revealed,

that within was concealed

a delicate white feather,

of gentle curl and perfect poise,

lifting on the dying noise

of fractured thought .

There is no anger or fight

in the presence of the grace

now before my sight,

as it’s cushioned flight

with finger and smile I trace…

11 thoughts on “A CLENCHED FIST

  1. A powerful piece, Nige ! Anger can have such a strong hold, yet when we allow it to yield to something bigger than ourselves we’re able to see more clearly. ‘Lifting on the dying noise of fractured thought’ oozes that lightness. I simply love this.

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  2. Wow Nigel, very powerful and I would not like to be in the way of that hot anger.
    Is it mixed with sadness I wonder…
    How free I feel when you lift on the dying noise, of fractured thought and the
    white feather flies ‘ as with a finger and smile I trace’.

    Beautifully written and read


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    1. Thank you Miriam, most kind, not so much sadness, more frustration, injustice, but you’ve clearly felt and picked up on the deeper layers, which are nearly always there when I write. I have to keep my nails short as I sleep, occasionally with fists so tightly clenched I sometimes draw blood. (A PD thing)

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      1. I took my time to answer as I couldn’t see anger fit in with your personality.
        Glad you explained.
        So sorry about the ‘PD thing’. I should have twigged.
        You writing on the other hand is soaring.
        🤗 .


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      2. You are such a kind, gentle spirit Miriam and we all benefit from you being a part of our circle. I’ve explained a bit more about the poem in reply to Davy, should you like to know more.


  3. Powerful poetry Nigel and I had a train of thought going on this until I read your comment about Joy Division in the background, which I never picked up first time round. I am writing this whilst listening to She’s Lost Control (the beauty of Spotify) and the poem has gone off in a different direction. My thoughts are around anger being a precursor and motivation for something more powerful and beautiful. Much like the feather in your poem. Joy Division are one of my favourite bands and I often wonder if Ian Curtis would have produced the same beauty in his music if his life had taken a different path. It seems behind most brilliant art there is some form of anger. The video of them performing Transmission and Ian Curtis going into a dance trance is one of the classics.

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    1. Small world Davy ! A big favourite of mine too, I agree entirely, and though I prefer ‘Unknown Pleasures’ the poetry, the art, the music all meld into a kind of tragic beauty on ‘Closer’. The release of the grip and the feather is a visualisation technique I devised to alter my mind set, as I work through the slow opening of the fist I concentrate on what the barely perceptible touch of a feather is like and by the time I’m tracing its imaginary flight I’m calm.

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