When I can ride the carousel no more,

and must break its perpetual turning,

I walk through strange rooms and hallways

where corners hide the unexpected,

and quietude holds for a blanching sky

as all the world awaits a palette new.


These are peculiar hours,

close to those I love, yet utterly alone

there on the back step,

tasting cool air yet to be breathed by others now asleep,

as I look upon a haphazard skyline

of skeletal aerials and chimneys

that draw no smoke.


At this time odd cars still pass,

their headlights clawing away the night,

eager for the empty roads.

While birds claim telephone wires,

roofs and high branches to sing their song.

just for the joy of being.

9 thoughts on “NOCTURNAL

    1. How wonderful to hear you Vanessa ! I’m a tad unwell at the moment, going through a major Parkinson’s drug adjustment, rather unpleasant. However there are others worse off than me. Glad you like the poem, this and yesterdays ‘Gaia’ are my first foray into sound and video to present our art. Hope all’s well with you and yours.

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      1. Nigel, I’m so sorry to hear that! I really hope it will settle soon?
        I can’t watch the video at the moment, but look forward to when I can.
        Wishing you all the best with this transition! 🙏🌸

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  1. Another excellent video to accompany your beautiful words, Nige ! There’s a quietness in this atmospheric piece that shifts soft and slow. I can taste that cool air on my tongue after the magical carousel ride. Love how the last line catches the stillness and it’s just the words alone.

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  2. Thank you Nigel for this beautiful poem.
    You are going through a bad stage in your illness and oddly, your poem shows a
    clarity and strength from deep within.
    My brain knows this can happen but this proof still punches me and fills the eyes
    with tears. How much is hidden in a normal busy days that can only pour forth in
    situations of peace or pain?

    At the end you show us the positive so beautifully :

    While birds claim telephone wires,
    roofs and high branches to sing their song.
    just for the joy of being.”


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